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Placements for projects, leaves, or seasonal needs.


Roles: Test an associate's fit during training and probation, then decide on permanent employment.


Placements: We handle recruitment, delivering top candidates to streamline your hiring process.


High turnover hinders businesses. Secure your company's growth with motivated, skilled employees. By fostering strong relationships with our associates and recognizing their achievements through bonuses, attendance programs, and more, we ensure quality staffing that reduces employment costs.

The Key to Building a Strong Business is Having Enough of the Right People.

Let's Find, Place, and Discover Yours.

Four simple programs

We offer four diverse staffing solutions to cater to all needs. No matter your company's size or requirements, we have a program (or a few) that's just right for you.

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Handshake General staffing

Efficiently fill short-term and long-term roles across diverse sectors with our flexible general staffing services.

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Rate Hybrid staffing

Combine the benefits of temporary and permanent staffing with our hybrid solutions, tailored to dynamic business needs.

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Aim Direct Hire

Secure top talent for your critical roles through our streamlined direct hire process, ensuring quality and fit.

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Rock Direct Hire Plus

For specialized roles, our Direct Hire Plus offers comprehensive recruitment, ensuring the perfect match for complex positions.

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Our industry sectors

We cater to four primary industry sectors by providing dedicated workforce solutions

  • Forklift & Eq Operators
  • General Labor & Warehousing
  • Manufacturing & Trades
  • Administration
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  • Customer Service & Financial
  • Legal, Insurance & Public
  • Health Care & Wellness
  • Trades & Services
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Food & Beverage
Food & Beverage
  • Restaurant & Bar / Pub
  • Coffee, Bistro & Bakery
  • Hotel, Hospitality & Event
  • Sport / Entertainment
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  • Food, Grocery & Spirits
  • Textiles, Furniture, Home Imp
  • Jewelry, Accessory & Special
  • Fuel & Convenience
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