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Imagine blending traditional staffing and recruiting into one dynamic solution. That's exactly what you get with Placesmart Agency's Direct Hire Program (DHP)! In this 13-week program, we combine the rapid deployment of staffing with the custom fit of recruiting.

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We quickly match your business needs with the right candidates. You manage the payroll; we add a modest % markup on the hourly rate. DHP is not just staffing; it's a catalyst for your business growth, ensuring every hire is a step towards success. Ready to revolutionize your workforce? Choose DHP for staffing that's both dynamic and effective!

30%-50% lower fee than other recruiters!

Low Cost

  • 15% of employee salary fee
  • 30 Days worked until billed
  • 7 day payment term

If the employee does not make it to 30 days of employment...

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