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The PSA Advantage The PSA Advantage

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If you fit these 3 questions, hybrid is for you!

I haven't used staffing agencies

I haven't used staffing agencies

I have less than 6 workers needed

I have less than 6 workers needed

I want YOU to carry my payroll

I want YOU to carry my payroll

How It Works?


Introducing PSA's Hybrid Staffing – the ultimate solution for businesses with a headcount of 6 or fewer. We've designed this program with simplicity and speed in mind, catering specifically to smaller-scale needs. Here's how it transforms your staffing experience:

Define Your Needs Define Your Needs

Start by telling us about the type of worker(s) you're looking for. We're here to understand and meet your specific requirements.

Set the Wage Set the Wage

You decide the wage you'd like to pay your workers. Our transparent, pre-set pricing is based on the wages you choose, making budgeting straightforward and predictable.

Effortless Agreement Effortless Agreement

Signing our easy rate contract is a breeze. We've stripped away the complexities to ensure a smooth, hassle-free process.

Quick Staffing.Turnaround Quick Staffing

Have the right workers as your door within as little as 2-4 days. We're fast because we know time is the essence in your business.

No Long-Term.Commitments No Long-Term

Flexibility is key in our Hybrid Staffing Program. We provide the staffing support you need without locking you into long-term commitments.

Vector Vector Vector Vector

We know your small to medium-sized business can't thrive without the right team. That's why at PSA, we're committed to placing the perfect individuals in your company swiftly and efficiently. Let us handle the challenge of staffing, so you can concentrate on growing and nurturing your business. With PSA, you gain a staffing partner who's as invested in your success as you are.

We Carry Payroll &
Majority Of Liabilities

Hybrid Staffing ProgramHybrid Staffing Program

  1. Size Rating - How many workers will you need? (This sets the markup)
  2. Hourly Wage x Hours Worked = Gross Pay (What we pay your emp./week)
  3. Gross Pay x Markup = Billing (This is what you pay us + Gross Pay)

Billing either ends at 520 hours or can be ongoing

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