Our job is to make your job easier. Let us help you with our employer services!
What separates us from other staffing services is our focus. We accommodate clients with dependable associates. Customizing business staffing needs is just part of what we do best. PSA is dedicated to the success of your business plans. After all, your success is important to our business. Partner with our team today!
What we do best:
PlaceSmart Agency is an industry leading staffing agency specializing in: Temporary, Temporary – to –Permanent, and Permanent Placement for all of your needs.
Temporary: To cover a special project, medical leave, vacation or seasonal labor.
Temporary to Permanent: Let the associates work on our payroll through the training process and the probation period. When and if you feel they are up to company standard, you can transition them to your payroll.
Permanent Placement: Let us do your recruiting for you. We find the best candidates for your position. Therefore you save time in the hiring process.
In addition, we have applicants applying every day. Stop advertising and contact PlaceSmart Agency Employer Services.
Turnover must be controlled!
We strive to improve the overall turnover with our clients. Trying to compete locally or globally with higher than necessary turnover is a challenge many companies face. One of the single greatest assets a growing business can arm itself with is qualified and motivated employees. Which in turn, reduces employment costs. Therefore, we make strong efforts to build relationships with our associates we place. And makes it easy to recognize their efforts by providing bonus incentives, company lunches, perfect attendance programs, etc.
Placesmart Agency Employer Services